About me

where I come from

The first time I travelled overseas, I was only four months old. With my travel loving parents, it’s not much of a surprise that I turned out to be a major travel lover as well. I think I was about ten years old, when I decided to spend my life doing something with words. The dream of becoming an author and journalist developed over the following years. In University my love for writing mingled with my curiosity for exploring the world and a new-found urge to learn about Afghan culture. Therefore after graduating I travelled with an NGO to Kabul.

Back home in Berlin I went through a journalistic training at the Media Group DuMont and the Journalism school EJS. I loved my new-found journalist-self, but being an employee wasn’t for me. Realizing that, I decided to become self-employed.

My first steps as a freelance journalist I took at home in Berlin. I learned a lot and I loved it. But after some time, the city felt too familiar, too constricted. I wanted to see more, do more, experience and explore more. So I went travelling and moved to Portugal on the way. There was my other home, Aljezur. Here I sat for hours overlooking the ocean and writing. And here I fell in love with Yoga. At Mahi Yoga in India I learned that not only my mind chatter calms down when my body travels through Asanas, I also realized that I enjoy teaching others.

With both, writing and Yoga, by my side, I went travelling again and found one other passion on the way in New Zealand: Coaching. And suddenly everything made sense. I had always felt that there was something missing – and there it was. Intuitively knowing that this was my missing piece, I enrolled in the training to become a professional Life and Leadership Coach at the US-based Coaching School iPEC. Summed up: Pure love. My world changed in so many ways since, not only workwise, but also and especially internally.

where I am now

I consciously create my world how I want it to be – with the people and work I love. Now I earn my money with all three passions – Coaching, Writing and Yoga. A lot of the times while being on the road, exploring the world. But I always come back home. That is Berlin. And Aljezur.

where I want to go

Writing, Coaching, Travelling and Yoga will remain – always shaping and developing. There are a few new ideas that are already climbing through my mind. Once I’m ready to tell, you can find out more on these pages and through my email list:

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